Timmie the teacher: Financial Lifestyle Mentor


Are you looking for a high quality financial coach?

We can help. Let Timolin aka Timmie the Teacher show  you how to become a more effective money manager. She proves that financial achievement is less about actual income and more about thinking patterns, good spending, and saving habits. Contact us for a free consultation.

Welcome to NewFitWorldTV

Welcome to NewFitWorldTV

These days, we hear a lot of talk about Fitness and being Fit. Usually, the term is used in relation to being physically fit. However, we here at New Fit World TV believe this concept of “Fit” and “Fitness” can be applied to every area of our lives: physical, financial, emotional, and mental. Hence, our very first workshop was called Financially Fit and Fiscally Lean.

New Fit World TV, founded by Timmie the Teacher is offering a new and innovative approach to television programming. The driving force behind it is new. We are offering a new and fresh perspective on what it means to be fit and how one gets and stays fit starting with our finances. Our finances impacts where we live, how we live, our emotional and physical well-being, what we eat and so much more. Our goal is to provide you with excellent information to help you live your best life, with the resources you currently have regardless of the dollar amount. That is our definition of “Fit”.

A veteran teacher and seasoned administrator, Timolin teaches and mentors hundreds of students and parents of a variety of backgrounds and socio-economic statuses. What she has always encouraged students to do in the classroom is what she is now advocating on the web is “What we learn is what we earn.”

True wealth is having the resources to live your best life - a life where you have more than enough to cover your living expenses, save for emergencies and retirement, secure and maintain a lifestyle with little to no credit card debt, and really enjoy and embrace every moment to live an abundant life. Our programming will be designed just for you - a New You.

Financial success is not a gift, it is a HABIT.

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