Timolin: Money Magnet


Are you looking for a high quality financial coach?

We can help. Let Timolin show  you how to become a more effective money manager. She proves that financial achievement is less about actual income and more about thinking patterns, good spending, and saving habits. Contact us for a free consultation.

Welcome to NewFitWorldTV

Welcome to NewFitWorldTV

Hi, I am Timolin. I have taken a modest teacher salary to create a great life; an abundant life and I want to show you how to do the same. Here's what you will get from our website, videos, workshops, and consultations:

1. How to be a Good Steward of YOUR Finances
2. How to Live like a Millionaire on ANY Budget
3. How to Use Money as a TOOL to Achieve Your Goals & Live Life Fully

Check out my essay in Dorothy “The Organizer” Breiningers book Stuff Your Face or Face Your Stuff, pages: 214—217, 219—222, 265

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