Timolin Langin: Teacherpreneur/Money Magnet


Do you want to live like a Millionaire on YOUR Budget?

It is simply a matter of money education and money control. Let Timolin show  you how to take your hard-earned cash and grow it by being a more effective money manager. She proves that Millionaire Living is less about actual income and more about paradigm shifts; strategic spending habits that will help you get rich. Timolin talks with working people about money tips, legacy and more in her new book Mind Over Money, How to Live like a Millionaire on any Budget. Get the book. Contact us for upcoming workshops, masterminds, and retreats.




Meet Timolin... Founder / President of New Fit World TV.

Author, Veteran Teacher, Producer, Talk Show Host of A New You and World Traveler, Timolin’s roots are in a small town in Mississippi. There, a generation of relatives with a “mother’s wit” for financial success taught her how modest earnings could yield a fiscal life stable enough to support all of her dreams, travel and passion. These “financial gurus” taught her that one could live a good life on any budget; it’s simply a matter of approach.  As an educator and life student, she has watched many smart people struggle with their finances, and wants to teach the strategic habits and creativity that have made her financially stable. She has used this "wit" to buy multiple properties, travel the world, live the life of her dreams and wants to share these tips with working people everywhere through her new campaign-- LIVE LIKE A MILLIONAIRE NOW!

With many years in the classroom, a multiple subject credential, and a B.A.in History and M.A. in Education/Curriculum she is well prepared to teach and share from experience. In fact, it is her experience as a  “financial guru” (as her family and friends like to call her) coupled with her years in the classroom that prepares her for this new chapter in her life as a Money Magnet/Teacher-preneur.  Timolin a.k.a. Timmie the Teacher shows how finances affect every part of your life and encourages viewers to watch and share with your friends and family, and utilize the website as a resource to give and receive hope, help, and support to financial success. Timolin uses a holistic approach toward wealth creation and managment. She believes our lifestyle should be created by design; not default. Timolin's mantra is that "Financial success is not a gift; it is a habit."

You can contact Timolin at: timolin@newfitworldtv.com