Saving Challenge Option 2
365 Day Money Challenge 

Similar to Option 1, but with a few guidelines as stated by oh so Amelia the author or originator of the 365 Day Money Challenge.

This is how the challenge works. Each morning when you get up, you need to pay yourself some amount before you do anything else. The payment can be anywhere between a single penny to $3.65. Once you have made that payment to yourself, you “x” out the box on your chart. Your next payment the following morning can be any of the remaining amounts on the chart. You continue to do this each and every morning for the entire year. When you are done, you will have saved $667.95. Even better, you will have formed the essential financial habit of paying yourself first which will be an asset the rest of your life.

TV personality, Dorothy the Organizer said, “Timolin teaches that money is a tool in your life, not a tonic or tranquilizer. Her personal experiences coupled with her professional insights will help design that tool to build your dreams. Don’t wait. Start now!”
DorothyTheOrganizer, Expert Organizer, A&E Hoarders TV Show​

​These 100+ pages will provide financial education that will lead to healthier financial
decisions that will ultimately result in the life you want.

You will:
1. Acquire tools to identify and decrease emotional triggers that cause overspending.
2. Get insight into concepts like money purpose, money tool, new fit, and more.
3. Enhance knowledge of the “ABCs” of money management while growing financially
and emotionally wealthy.
4. Identify strategic money habits related to financial life planning: prosperity budgeting,
debt reduction, increase income, and more.
5. Receive insider tips to get banks and businesses to support your financial goals.
6. Connect to a free worldwide financial community for support and resources.​

There are a couple of important steps that go along with the challenge. First, after printing out the challenge sheet, you need to place it somewhere where you’ll absolutely see it each and every morning, someplace like on the mirror in your bathroom. It needs to be visible so that it’s in your face each morning so that it can never be accidentally forgotten.

The second is that you physically need to make the payment each and every morning. You need to go to your purse or wallet and actually place the amount you decide to pay yourself that day into a jar (or other container) which is specifically for this challenge. That payment is being paid to yourself, and it’s just as important as any payment you make to a store, bill or service. In fact it’s the most important payment you’ll make each day because it’s to yourself for your future benefit.

Following The 365 Day Money Challenge, You will save $668 per year, one penny per day. Zoom as needed to make chart bigger or smaller.

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Saving Challenge Option 3
The 52 Week Money Challenge created by Kassondra Perry-Moreland.
If your target savings amount increased every week, could you handle it? That's the purpose of another 52-week challenge, the money challenge, believed to have been originated in 2013 through a Facebook group called "Kassondra's 52-Week Money Challenge," created by personal finance enthusiast Kassondra Perry-Moreland.

You start off Week One by saving $1; then Week Two you save $2; Week Three you save $3, etc., until you reach the last week of the year, Week 52, when you'd save $52. Your savings would add up to $1,378.


This book contradicts conventional practices in the areas of money management and covers related topic of money matters. Readers will increase their financial savvy by learning how to align their thoughts, feelings, and actions with practices that yield increased financial success.

These seed planting practices will help you increase wealth and leave a financial legacy, which includes passing on the values that created the wealth.


Timolin shows you how to be a good money manager and have fun while becoming financially savvy.

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Saving Challenge Option 1
Created by Timolin R. Langin
Every day, simply empty your pockets of all coins and place in saving container. Say an affirmation of multiplication and go about your day or evening.
I am a money magnet.
I am emotionally and financially wealthy.
My skillset, talent, or “bent” is making me rich.
I am grateful for what I have, while hundred fold is on the way.

Shopping Seasons & CYCLES


  •  Air conditioners: It’s obviously not the season when they’re in demand, so you can usually get one for less.
  • Carpeting: You’ll start to see deals beginning in mid-December but prices drop the most in early January. Tax rebate time heralds the start of prime carpet-buying season, and thus an end to the low prices.


  • Tools: Makers of buzz saws and power drills tend to push their products early in the year.
  • Cameras: This is when new models are rolled out, so the old ones get marked down.


  • Luggage: Summer vacation is months away and makers need to move the merch.
  • Televisions: The fiscal year ends now for Japanese manufacturers, so what’s left in stock can be had for a song.


  • Cruises: Fewer travelers means lower prices.
  • Car accessories: Time to move old inventory and get ready for car repair season.


  • Patio furniture: Stores need to make room for brand-new models, so it’s a buyer’s market.
  • Vacuum cleaners: Ditto.


  • Large appliances: It’s floor model season, so you can often get a slightly dinged washer or dryer if you look.
  • Gym memberships: New Year’s resolution season is long gone.


  • Grills: Once July 4th is over, prices are slashed.
  • Furniture: July marks when stores make their big inventory push.


  • Laptops: Back-to-school sales are just kicking off.
  • Wine: Small producers often discount early in the harvest.


  • Cars: Dealers are looking at remainders from last year’s inventory and waiting for the arrival of next year’s fleet. Make an offer.
  • Lawnmowers: The last mowers to sell until the grass is green again are priced to move.


  • Jeans: What didn’t get sold in the back-to-school season is on sale now.
  • Toys: Manufacturers often try to kick-start the holiday season by luring buyers now.


  • Candy: Anything left over from Halloween is cheap this month.
  • Cookwear: Pots and pans get marked down in anticipation of the Christmas season.


  • Wedding dresses: Right before Christmas is the slow season in the bridal market.
  • Home theater equipment: The best deals 


​​Hello and Welcome to New Fit! We are excited that you have decided to take a “Savings Journey” with us and/or join the New Fit Family. Consider the options and decide which one or “ones” are best for you. We will officially start February 1st, 2017 as a family, but you may get head-start by preparing or “practicing” now. Gather a water jug, large piggy bank, or any object you see fit for the saving challenge.

Here are our 3 challenges or options:​

Money, Money, Money, Money --- Monday!!!

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Creative Dollar Day

​July 9th . Sign up with email to let us know who is in.
In honor of Financial Literacy Month, let’s have a No Spend Day.

Let’s think of some fun, creative things we can do that are free or cheap (as in almost free). Post your ideas.

For example:

  • movie night in back yard
  •  walks on the beach
  •  call a friend, etc. 

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Do you want to live like a Millionaire on YOUR Budget?

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