Do you want to live like a Millionaire on YOUR Budget?

It is simply a matter of money education and money control. Let Timolin show  you how to take your hard-earned cash and grow it by being a more effective money manager. She proves that Millionaire Living is less about actual income and more about paradigm shifts; strategic spending habits that will help you get rich. Timolin talks with working people about money tips, legacy and more in her new book Mind Over Money, How to Live like a Millionaire on any Budget. Get the book. Contact us for upcoming workshops, masterminds, and retreats.


Branding is for everyone; not just celebrities. Timolin shows you how to create your own brand to achieve your financial goals.

Shopping Accompaniment: 

Timolin will take you shopping to agreed on places to show you how, what, where, and when to shop for desired items at low or discounted prices.

*Price based upon group size. Contact Timolin
Public Speaking Engagements:

Contact Timolin regarding speaking engagement domestically and abroad.

Financial Coaching & Counseling: 

Based on your budget, individual attention will be provided to help you create wealth via strategies specific to your financial needs and desires.

(see bundle coaching)

Wealth Building and Legacy: 

Timolin shows you how to live an abundant life with your current income and resources and how to create the image and name that will last from generation to generation. 

$155.00 (see bundle coaching)

RATES: Coaching


Eat Your Way to Wealth Program: 

Simple and healthy meal plans, minimum exercise, and other structured habits to help you grow wealth.

(I was once 211 pounds, and for the last 6 years my weight ranges from 124 to 126 and wear a size 4 and sometimes 2.)



Timolin shows you how to be a good money manager and have fun while becoming financially savvy.

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Strategic Sessions

Financial Organization & Sobriety: 

This strategy focuses on financial planning from the inside out--reorganizing and restructuring your thinking to achieve financial success.

Money Magnet Mate


Financial educational services are provided by Timolin R. Langin and staff who share their own experience, strength, and successes with savvy money tools and money mastery that have led to superb financial success.

Timolin Langin: Teacherpreneur/Money Magnet